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The company is the result of the experience of several people who have been working in the filling and packaging sector for many years.

We are able to provide a high level of support for the design of systems and for the solution of daily problems in the filling and packaging industry. Our work begins with on-site inspections at the customer's site and continues with the design of the system, studying the best solutions together with the customer, thus providing technical support for the user's choices and helping him to mix his ideas with our experience and know-how.

In addition to new Turnkey Lines, we can offer you the installation of new machines in existing lines, the moving of lines with their partial and/or complete overhaul, the revision of used machines, the revamping of customer's machines and the supply of formats for each machine. We range from bottles to cans, from aerosol to flowpacks and we can fill them both with water-based products and with corrosive and/or acid products; we have made Atex plants and lines for powders, aerosol lines and filling of juices and food liquids. We also make lines to make multi-coloured products both as primary external packaging and as liquids, making mixed case too if necessary.

We also have years of experience in filling hot liquids, such as sticks, depilatory waxes, hand-washing paste and similar products with dosing operating temperatures ranging from 60 to 90 degrees centigrade.
We supply bottle and/or can lines at low rates or even semi-automatic machines for starting out productions with no need of high filling speeds.
We have a long experience in these fields and we work with both subcontractors and "brand" manufacturers.

We are unbeatable value for money in any end-of-line, cartoning and palletising project, even in sectors that are outside our core business. We can offer customised solutions based on the customer's needs, with a "tailor-made" service for the project, both in terms of assistance in choosing the best solution, and for the actual Taylor Made implementation of the project itself.


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  • Unilever
  • Madel
  • Italsilva
  • Chante Clair
  • Felce Azzurra
  • Manetti & Roberts
  • Spic Span
  • Sutter
  • Svitol
  • Vape
  • WC Net
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